Q: Is Eco-Gel™ a foam or a gel?
A: Eco-Gel™ is a hydro-gel, a viscous solution that creates a barrier of water when heated; it thickens to smother fires faster and creates an excellent fire prevention break. This is key in effective and efficient training for fire and rescue operations.


Q: Can Eco-Gel™ be used with normal equipment?

A: Yes, Eco-GelTM can be deployed with standard proportioning equipment and traditional firefighting nozzles. It can also be applied with apparatus mounted injection systems. It is easy to switch to and easy to use.

Q: Is Eco-Gel™ safe for the environment?

A: Yes, it is the only fire suppressant that is 100% bio-based made from ingredients found in food. It does not use perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). Eco-GelTM keeps the places you’re protecting safe. Competitive products contain surfactants that harm plant and aquatic life and PFAS (perfluroalkyl substances) linked to birth defects.


Q: Is Eco-Gel™ safe for hands on training?

A: Yes, it can be used without any worries of contamination or sickness for your training and fire crews, and will not contaminate the environment. It is completely non-toxic.


Q: Has Eco-Gel™ been tested in Compressed Air Foam Systems?

A: No, because it does not require air aspiration. This eliminates a step in your process and reduces your need for additional equipment, so you can train and fight fires with greater speed and effectiveness.

Q: Does Eco-Gel™ stick to vertical surfaces and ceilings?
A: Yes, creating safe paths of egress.Competitive products do not. Eco-Gel’s™ stickiness adds a tool to your toolbox, to better control and extinguish the blaze in your training procedures and in active fire incidents.


Q: Can Eco-Gel™ be used in wildland fires?

A: Yes, it can extinguish wildfires and stop their spread by coating organic material without harming the environment. And with Eco-GelTM, because of its non-toxic nature, you can regularly train for them so you’re ready whenever they come.


Q: Is Eco-Gel™ easy to clean?
A: Yes, it can be cleaned simply with water because it contains no SAPs.Competitive products use SAPs that are difficult to wash away, further damaging the scene. You can literally wash Eco-GelTM down the drain with no concern for contamination of local drinking water or aquatic habitats. Perfect for training.


Q: Where is Eco-Gel™ used?
A:EcoGelTM is used by municipalities and industry in North America. It is the new standard of efficient and effective fire suppressant that is safe for your crew and the environment, for class A and B fires.




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