Eco-Rinse™ is an environmentally benign rinse aid designed to flush equipment and vessels used to deploy Eco-Gel™.

Eco-Rinse™ allows end users to quickly and effectively clean equipment, pumps and nozzles.

Eco-Gel™ Training

Through our training program, FireRein will ensure that your emergency response personnel are trained and certified on the use of Eco-Gel™.

FireRein’s certified trainers will deliver theoretical and practical (hands-on) modules designed to provide comprehensive training on the use of Eco-Gel™ for both Class A and Class B scenarios.


Eco-Gel™ is a proprietary (patent pending) water additive that, when introduced into a water stream at concentrations ranging from 2 to 5% by volume, is instantly transformed into a highly effective firefighting gel.

Using Eco-Gel™, firefighters are able to knock-down fires up to 55% faster than when using water alone, while reducing water usage by up to 60%.

Eco-Gel™ Rapid Response Systems

The Eco-Gel™ Rapid Response Systems represent all-in-one firefighting solutions that are deployable across a variety of terrains and industrial installations. 

Each system includes FireRein’s TPP (Through Pump Proportioner) – a robust, mechanical proportioning system optimized for Eco-Gel™.

FireRein TPP™

The FireRein TPP™ represents an affordable, yet robust, all mechanical solution to introduce Eco-Gel™ into a firefighting water stream. 

The FireRein TPP™ works by drafting Eco-Gel™ into the inlet side of a firefighting water pump.  Since Eco-Gel™ contains no crosslinked particles or superabsorbent polymers, it is the only firefighting water additive that can be fed directly through a water pump. 


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