SOLTEX Canada has a long tradition of providing toll manufacturing services into the oil and specialty additives industries. Our facility has the ability to handle water, oil and solvent based products. 

Soltex specializes in blending, and treating of electrical grade oils. Oil-Rubber blends. Oil based dispersions.

For over 50 years, Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited has been one of Canada ’s leading representatives for global manufacturers of custom components and systems.

Incorporated in 1953, Patlon began as a supplier of aircraft spares for the Canadian military. In the ensuing years Patlon expanded its market specialties to encompass technical applications sales to the aerospace, government, electronics, and industrial markets.

Launch Lab is a Regional Innovation Centre and member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, a provincially-funded network of resources for entrepreneurs. We provide advisory services by pairing entrepreneurs with our team of experienced business owners from Kingston and most of southeastern Ontario for one-on-one mentorship and guidance.

We work with tech-based businesses that have an innovative technology or idea, and a variety of new startups who are experiencing challenges and looking to grow. Our purpose is to foster entrepreneurship and the commercialization of innovations to help build globally competitive companies in Eastern Ontario.