• Eco-Gel™ is the first firefighting water additive that is 100% food-grade and 100% non-toxic.
  • Eco-Gel™ can be deployed with standard proportioning equipment and, unlike other water additives, can utilize any water source regardless of pH or salinity.
  • When mixed with water, Eco-Gel™ forms a potent firefighting gel that “sticks and stays” to any surface (e.g., trees and shrubs) in any orientation resulting in a highly effective fire barrier.
  • When tested to NFPA18A standards, Eco-Gel™ was found to knock down Class A and B fires faster and with less water than standard foams and gels.
  • Unlike other gels, Eco-Gel™ does NOT contain any super-absorbent polymers (SAPs) and will not clog equipment or persist on structures or in the environment – after a fire, Eco-Gel™ can be easily washed away with the average household garden hose.
  • To learn how Eco-Gel™ can enhance your organization’s firefighting capabilities, please contact us at

FireRein's Eco-Gel™ is now certified through UL and the USDA BioPreferred Program.

Eco-Gel™ is the only firefighting water additive that is 100% bio-based! 

Fact: Climate change is contributing to longer wildfire burning seasons and the existence of “super fires”, dramatically exceeding wildfire budgets.

FireRein Eco-Gel™ is a highly effective fire suppression agent that can be deployed on-demand. Proven to be user and environmentally friendly. 

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FireRein Eco-Gel™ is a non-toxic, 100% bio-based, water additive that prevents, protects and extinguishes fire.
FireRein's Eco-Gel™ is the first firefighting water additive that is 100% bio-based, formulated entirely from materials found in common foods. With Eco-Gel™, firefighters can quickly and safely knock-down both Class A and B fires with no environmental damage or human health risk.

Eco-Gel™ saves time, water, money AND the environment.


effective, safe & sustainable fire suppression

WE ARE:  Firefighters who have created FireRein Eco-Gel™, an effective, safe and non-toxic firefighting water additive.

Eco-Gel™ at a Glance: